Industry News

YMCA of Greater Kansas City recently received a grant for $201,482 from the Kauffman Foundation to support for 1) academic-focused, out-of-school time programming in the Center School District, 2) a Behavioral Specialist position to increase organizational capacity to manage increasingly challenging behaviors among enrolled students, and 3) Evaluation supports.

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS) was recently awarded a $2,929,812 grant from Kansas Children's Cabinet and Trust Fund to create four additional preschool classrooms. Project SPARK will create four additional preschool classrooms.  Two of these classrooms will be on KCKPS property and two will be on community sites. ...

Jennings School District was recently awarded a $110,800 grant from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide services that ensure homeless students have equal access to education without barriers, academic supports which lead to academic achievement, removal of enrollment obstacles, and services and supports that address mind, body, and spirit.

Genesis School was recently awarded a $158,100 grant from the Jackson County Mental Health Fund to support the Counseling Program. The Counseling Program will provide mental health services to 220 children ages 5-14 who are current students at the school.  The proposed mental health services include individual therapy, group therapy, and psycho-educational groups.

Samuel U. Rogers Health Center Foundation was recently awarded a $250,000 grant from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City to support expenses associated with the transfer of assets from Cabot Westside Medical and Dental Center (Cabot) and the integration of Cabot to the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center (SURHC).

Developing Potential, Inc. was recently awarded a $50,000 grant from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City (HCF) to Increase Access to Services at its facilities in Kansas City (Missouri), Independence, and Lee’s Summit. HCF funding will provide compensation for the registered nurse who provides oversight, direct service and training and education for more than 130 clients, their families and caregivers.  Funding will also be used to cover a portion of the costs of medical gloves that are needed by the nurse and direct care staff. Over the course of the grant period, DPI’s nurse and medically trained staff will provide at least 100 health screenings, handle more than 5,350 medication administrations and perform approximately 14,700 medical and health-related procedures.

Developing Potential, Inc. (DPI) recently received a grant for $399,000 from the eitas Developmental Disability Services of Jackson County to provide quality day habilitation services to adults with developmental disabilities, and support those individuals to reach their potential and achieve a dignified, adult lifestyle. Developing Potential provides services that enable individuals to live in, belong to, and experience quality of life in the community. DPI works with program participants to design individualized plans that support the development of skills that include self-advocacy, activities of daily living, forming and maintaining relationships, and achieving and maintaining good health and emotional well-being.

Baptist Trinity Lutheran Legacy Foundation recently received a grant for $75,000 from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City to provide emergency and crisis related medical services on a comprehensive scale to Kansas City’s Medicine Cabinet (KCMC) clients. The goal of Kansas City's Medicine Cabinet (KCMC) is to improve the health of low-income and under-served individuals in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area by providing emergency or crisis related medical assistance.  With the support of the Health Care Foundation, the Baptist-Trinity Lutheran Legacy Foundation will assist KCMC in providing direct client support for medically under-served individuals in this region.