Coaching Services

The grants world moves at a fast pace. Grant professionals must keep pace, which means constant learning and growing.


Are you a grant professional who is…


      • Seeking to grow your skills and increase grant competitiveness?
      • Applying to a federal agency or funding opportunity for the first time?
      • Looking for skill development in specific areas (e.g., project management, writing, budget narratives, post-award grant management, grant policies and procedures, etc.)?


AGS offers customized coaching services from credentialed grant professionals to help you grow in your field. While these services include grant reviewing and expert feedback to maximize your proposal’s point potential, they go above and beyond by providing individualized support through the entire proposal design process. We work together with our clients to deliver:


      • Customized coaching plan developed to meet client needs.
      • Ongoing calls to guide and support the grants development process.
      • Individualized review and assessment of proposals with feedback and suggestions for improvement.
      • Development of high-quality grant templates.


Still wondering why you should choose AGS coaching services? AGS is staffed by a team of credentialed grant experts (Grant Professional Certified, Certified Grants Management Specialist, Project Management Professional, and Certified Fund Raising Executive). In fact, AGS has more credentialed staff than any other professional grant services firm in the country! Not only do we have 18 GPCs on staff, but we also have five GPA Approved Trainers!

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