About Assel Grant Services

Our mission: to provide the highest quality grant services so grant-seeking agencies can effect positive change.


Our vision: to be a nationally recognized leader in grant seeking, management, and training, using a hands-on and client-oriented approach, staffed primarily by credentialed grant professionals.


Our values: excellence, integrity, and accountability.


Excellence – We accept only our best effort. Our clients, and those people our clients serve, deserve nothing less.

Integrity – We commit ourselves to the highest ethical standard. Our daily commitment to excellence and dependability is the basis of our integrity.

Accountability – We stand behind our choices, taking ownership and responsibility for our work. This helps us improve as a company to achieve more for our clients.


Assel Grant Services’ President/CEO and Senior Writer Julie Assel began her grant writing career while working as a music teacher in the Kansas City, Missouri School District. By 2003, she had moved into the world of grants full-time, and in 2007, she founded Assel Consulting.


Today, the Assel Grant Services team has grown to a staff of twenty-five, with twenty-one grant professionals, eighteen of whom are Grant Professional Certified (GPCs) by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. Five team members are Grant Professionals Association Approved Trainers, and Assel Grant Services has been recognized as an Accepted Continuing Education Provider by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. Our staff are all active members of the Grant Professionals Association, and we regularly present on the regional and national conference level.


Assel Grant Services team members have bachelor’s degrees in art history, elementary education, social work, psychology, electrical engineering, music education, and anthropology. Additionally, we have master’s degrees in nonprofit organization administration, electrical engineering, business administration, healthcare administration, curriculum and instruction, and an Educational Specialist in administration and leadership.

No Other Grant Writing Firm in the U.S. Has More GPCs on Staff
Assel Grant Services has more GPCs on staff than any other grant management firm in the country. Our team’s strength isn’t only in its number of GPCs, but also in its wide variety of content experience and knowledge of local and national funding trends. Each one of our staff has years of experience serving some of the most vulnerable children, families, and individuals in our community and in our nation.

Proficient in the Nine Competencies of Grant Professionals Certification

When you partner with a grant writing service with as many GPCs as Assel Grant Services, you can rely on receiving a specific set of validated competencies and skills. In order for a grant professional to earn the GPC credential, he or she must prove their competency and skill in nine competencies.


When outsourcing your grant writing and support to help win more grants, ask yourself one question: Would you hire someone to prepare your taxes just because he or she is good at math? With potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars at stake, your organization cannot afford to hire the wrong grant writing company just because they are good at writing. Assel Grant Services has eighteen GPCs on staff, more than any other firm in the country, because professionalism, experience, and proficiency in all aspects of grant writing and management matter to your mission.