Reviewing Services

The turnaround time for developing and submitting a grant application is often tight. Funding solicitations can be lengthy, complex, confusing, and full of nuances that need to be addressed. Just one mistake can be the difference between awarded and rejected.


Let the AGS reviewing experts help you!


AGS offers comprehensive reviewing services from a team of expert reviewers to ensure an error-free, highly competitive proposal. Our services are customized to meet client needs and always include:


      • Creation of a detailed grant rubric.
      • Rigorous evaluation and assessment of proposal using the rubric.
      • Individualized feedback and suggestions for improvement.

AGS reviewing services are for you if…


      • You want an expert eye to ensure your proposal is airtight.
      • You are new to a funder or funding opportunity.
      • You are re-applying for a funding opportunity that has been denied in the past.

Our team of experts has reviewed thousands of proposals and helped hundreds of clients bolster their scores and receive funding. This team includes experts who have served as federal grant reviewers and know exactly what to look for and questions to ask in a proposal.



Still wondering if you should choose AGS reviewing services? Don’t take it from us; listen to one of our recent clients:


“We were in a tough spot of applying for two large and complex federal grants at once with a small internal team and lots of other competing internal priorities. We came to work with AGS on these two grant applications in order to expand our capacity and make it possible for us to meet these tight deadlines. We chose AGS because we were very impressed with their detailed knowledge of the grant streams we were pursuing and they more than delivered! They served as true partners throughout the grant-writing process – writing, reviewing, formatting, helping us to problem-solve, and answering all types of questions. It was extremely helpful to have a very knowledgeable and dedicated thought and project partner throughout the months we were working on these complex proposals. We’re very happy to report that we were awarded our full asking amount (the award ceilings for each grant stream) for both grants! We’re very excited to be bringing $1,350,000 in federal funds to our state and to serve our traditionally under-resourced target population.”


All the best,

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth


Want to learn more? Contact us! We are happy to explore this opportunity with you and learn more about your reviewing needs and how we can help!

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