Developing Potential, Inc. Receives $74,318 from Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Developing Potential, Inc. was recently awarded a $74,318 grant from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City to support the Increase Access to Services program.

The Increase Access to Services program supports the medical needs of adults with developmental disabilities at DPI’s three locations in Jackson County. Funding will support the registered nurse who provides oversight, direct support, training, and education for the 115 individuals receiving onsite services at DPI. She also supports the additional 35 people participating exclusively in offsite services.

Developing Potential Inc. (DPI) serves adults with developmental disabilities with onsite day services, offsite program activities, and employment support. The Increase Access to Services program provides extensive medical support to individuals attending DPI’s onsite Day Services program, as-needed support to off-site Day Services and Employment Connections participants, and health training to staff and individuals receiving services. The program supports better health for all individuals at DPI, increases program participation, and improves quality of life for all participants.  Approximately 76% of the people DPI serves participate in the Day Services program’s onsite activities. These individuals have a great need for the program’s services as they tend to have higher medical needs. Many of these people would not be able to attend onsite day services without DPI’s advanced medical service model. Many would not be eligible for other day service programs because of their complex medical issues. DPI seeks to keep these participants healthy, to give them the highest quality of life, and to allow them the greatest level of participation possible.

Since the Increase Access to Services program began over ten years ago, it has helped hundreds of people enjoy a better quality of life through improved health and has consistently provided high-quality medical support to DPI’s program participants.

DPI was founded in 1993 to provide quality day services to adults with developmental disabilities in the Kansas City area, allowing them to reach their full potential and achieve a dignified adult lifestyle.  DPI began nearly 25 years ago with one location in Kansas City serving eight individuals and has now expanded to three locations in Jackson County, (Kansas City, Independence, and Lee’s Summit) and serves approximately 150 people.