Genesis School Receives $158,100 Grant from Jackson County Mental Health Fund

Genesis School was recently awarded a $158,100 grant from the Jackson County Mental Health Fund to support the Counseling Program.

The Counseling Program will provide mental health services to 220 children ages 5-14 who are current students at the school.  The proposed mental health services include individual therapy, group therapy, and psycho-educational groups.

The Genesis Counseling Program provides individual, group and psycho-educational group therapy to approximately 220 students, ages 5-14. The goal of the program is to help children cope more effectively with the impact of trauma and psychosocial stressors at home and in the community. Clinically licensed mental health professionals and teachers with trauma informed care training work to build trusting relationships with the children, identify students’ strengths, and develop strategies to help them foster resiliency and reduce negative behaviors and debilitating symptoms of trauma.

The mission of Genesis School is “to offer creative approaches to learning by adapting to each student’s needs.”  The Counseling Program fits with this mission by responding to the following core beliefs: 1) Students deserve a fresh start on their educational journey. Addressing trauma will help students develop a fresh start and achieve academic success. 2) Effective learning requires appropriate resources and qualified staff.  Counselors are all licensed mental health professionals trained in best practice models for dealing with trauma in school children.

At Genesis School, we believe all children deserve a fresh start on their educational journey. We believe that learning should meet individual needs. We believe that effective education requires a partnership between school and parent. And we know that for certain that caring, qualified teachers and specialized staff can make all the difference in turning a young person’s life around.