Grants 201: Needs Assessments & Strategic Plans


Grants 201: Needs Assessment & Strategic Plans
Session 3 of the Grants 201 Series

Needs assessments conducted broadly in the community and specifically by an organization are valuable tools for all individuals who write grants. They help the writer use facts to describe the challenges experienced by the target population of the grant proposal. In addition, the outcomes of the services provided should naturally address these challenges.

Strategic plans are the plans of how organizations will respond to the challenges experienced by their community. They use the strengths of the organization to address specific challenges. Ideally, organizations also partner with other organizations in areas where they do not have strengths to provide the target population with additional or more comprehensive services to address more of the challenges identified in the broader community. Grants written should have services which align to its organization’s strategic plan.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • where to find community needs assessments
  • how to create and distribute simple and thorough needs assessments
  • the challenges of what needs assessments don’t say
  • how to be involved in needs assessment and strategic plan development
  • the drawbacks to being involved in needs assessment and strategic plan development
  • how to reference needs assessments in a grant proposal
  • where and how to reference strategic plan alignment in a grant proposal


GPCI Competencies and Skills: 2.4, 2.5, 9.1

The trainers for these sessions are all credentialed grant professionals (GPCs) who agree to adhere to the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Code of Ethics and are GPA Approved Trainers. All of the trainings in this series align with the Grant Professionals Certification Institute’s competencies and skills.



This training aligns with the Grant Professional Certification Institute’s Competencies and Skills and is approved for 1.0 Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Full participation in this training is also applicable for 1.0 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Length: 60 minutes

Price: $50

Grants 201 Training Series

The average nonprofit professional needs more than just initial grant training. Anyone working with grants can analyze their strengths and weaknesses and then decide where they want to learn more deeply. Think of it as more tools in our toolbelt for that grant RFP or grant funder from whom we are determined to be successful.

These sessions are designed to provide deeper content on specific topics which challenge who have been working with grants for more than a year.

Cost: $50/session or $300 for the full series

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