The Mosaic Life Care Foundation Receives $484,796 Grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development Community Revitalization Grant Program, Round Two 

The Mosaic Life Care Foundation has embarked on an inspiring mission to breathe new life into the Felix Street Corridor nestled in downtown St. Joseph, a community disproportionately affected by poverty and other challenges. The heart of this initiative revolves around the creation of a captivating Children’s Discovery Center within a historic cultural landmark, aiming to provide an engaging platform for interactive learning and exploration.

With the Mosaic Life Care Foundation at the helm, the grant serves as the cornerstone that paves the way for the realization of this transformative vision. The grant’s funds will be dedicated to the final stages of the Children’s Discovery Center project, encompassing the completion of exhibit fundraising and the meticulous interior design, crafting an immersive space that beckons children and families to delve into a world of knowledge and discovery.

The grant is poised to tackle the profound problem that befell downtown St. Joseph in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. The area’s thriving businesses were hit hard, grappling with unprecedented revenue losses that totaled a staggering $3,296,136. The city’s Parks, Recreation, and Civic Facilities Department experienced its own setback, losing over $930,000 due to program cancellations, facility closures, and a halt in ticket and concession sales. The Children’s Discovery Center project serves as a beacon of hope, a way to rejuvenate the local economy and community spirit, transcending the challenges that had cast a shadow over the city.

The true beneficiaries of this grant-funded endeavor are the residents of St. Joseph, particularly those residing in the targeted area of the Felix Street Corridor. The Children’s Discovery Center is projected to welcome a remarkable 60,000 annual visitors, injecting a renewed vigor into the downtown landscape. The project’s ripple effect is anticipated to boost annual tourism spending by an impressive $1.5 million, while simultaneously fostering an environment of health education and community engagement. Through collaborative efforts with the city, schools, and media, the Mosaic Life Care Foundation aims to ensure that this transformative Children’s Discovery Center becomes a beacon of learning, drawing in families and children, ultimately sowing the seeds for a brighter future.

Mosaic Life Care, the largest employer in the region, has historically been one of the major financial contributors to downtown community projects. Mosaic Life Care Foundation serves 200,000 residents in thirty-one counties. The foundation is committed to building healthy, thriving communities for generations to come. Mosaic Life Care Foundation believes in championing education and empowering people to live their best lives.

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