Te Deum Receives a $6,421 Grant from the Missouri Arts Council

Te Deum was recently awarded a $6,421 grant from the Missouri Arts Council, Annual Grant Program to support the concert series of their two ensembles – Te Deum Chamber Choir and Antiqua.

Te Deum’s concerts meet community needs for audiences, choral artists, and the artistic community as a whole. Te Deum Chamber Choir facilitates a connection with Kansas City audiences through concerts that are structured in the context of a relevant theme. This thematic context, along with the Artistic Director’s commentary during the concerts, helps audience members find the music’s relevance in their own lives which helps them connect to the music on a deeply personal level. These personal connections not only encourage patronage of Te Deum performances, but of the arts in general as people increasingly see artistic experiences as personally transformative. Te Deum also fills a need for the agency’s singers. Both the Chamber Choir and Antiqua give area choral artists a place to express their desire to make beautiful music.  Te Deum offers talented singers a place to practice their craft and stay artistically active while forming professional and personal connections with other singers, all of which creates a stronger and more vibrant artistic community.

Te Deum’s target audience is all people who appreciate or seek to develop an appreciation of high-quality choral music.