Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts Awards $2,000 to Te Deum

Te Deum recently received a grant for $2000 from the Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts to support Te Deum’s performance season.  The presentation of these concerts is in direct alignment with Te Deum’s mission of enhancing sacred music’s significance, relevance, and quality in our community.

Te Deum Chamber Choir with perform three concerts and Te Deum Antiqua will perform one concert.  Te Deum will use funding from the Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts to pay expenses such as venue rentals, audio technician fees, accompanist fees for Chamber Choir rehearsals, direct main outreach, and fees for Antiqua ensemble members, orchestra members, and a guest soloist.

Te Deum’s overarching goal is to touch people’s lives with music in a meaningful way. The dedicated work of all Te Deum ensembles should affect for good as many people as possible. As such, Te Deum wishes to expand its audience numbers at individual performances. Since its founding, the Chamber Choir has performed at least two concerts per semester, with one concert in Missouri and one in Kansas. Beginning in the fall of 2012, the Chamber Choir began performing concerts in Lawrence, KS, bringing its yearly concert number to six.

Since its founding, Te Deum has solidified its status as one of the premier choral organizations in the Kansas City area. As Patrick Neas, program director for and Classical Music.  Columnist for the Kansas City Star, has noted: “Choral music cognoscenti know that the Te Deum Chamber Choir presents some of the most sublime concerts in town.” Ultimately, Te Deum’s goal is to present music in such a way that audience members form a personally relevant connection to the music so that they can be affected on a deep and intimate level.