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Become a Better Grant Writer

Training and Courses That Meet You Where You Are to Take You Farther in Your Career

When You Know Better You Do Better

As Maya Angelou wrote, “When you know better you do better.” In the case of grantwriting, the more knowledge you have, the better your grants and your chances of your grant winning funding. The best way for grant professionals and nonprofit professionals to grow their grantsmanship skills is through relevant professional development and coaching delivered by experts that match your needs and long-term goals.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Our trainings align to the Grant Professionals Certification Institute’s (GPCI) competencies and skills. They address multiple skills within a competency, interrelated skills across competencies, or a specific skill within a competency in great detail. All courses:


  • Are eligible for CEUs
  • Align with GPCI competencies
  • Are led by nationally recognized GPA-approved trainers


View a list of the GPCI’s Validated Competencies and Skills


Our approach lets you find the perfect professional development plan for you whether you are new to grants, expanding your knowledge so you can earn a promotion or take the GPC exam, or a 15-year veteran seeking targeted nuggets of professional development to complement your broad success.


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Our Most Popular Grantwriting Professional Development Courses


While traditional philanthropy focuses on funding immediate needs and short-term goals, the practice of philanthropy is taking a turn towards social change. Funders desire to fund change, not charity. In this way, philanthropy can more effectively address issues at their root causes.


A common question on grant applications is “How will you sustain this program after the grant funding is over?” Many grant writers will want to answer glibly, “Write more grants, of course!” But, what should you really include in your answer about a sustainability plan?


It is becoming more and more common for funders and their grant applications to require research/evidence-based information for the specific programs for which you are seeking funding. Are you prepared to answer their questions?

Live & Custom Trainings

Our team of certified grant experts deliver training presentations across the country. We have a library of timely, relevant topics that have proven valuable to hundreds of attendees. We can also create custom presentations to match the mission of your organization or conference event.