Genesis Promise Academy Receives $50,829 Grant from Jackson County Community Children’s Services Fund

Genesis Promise Academy recently received a grant for $50,829 from the Jackson County Community Children’s Services Fund to expand behavioral health programs and staff training, resulting in more students receiving high-quality counseling services.

The Counseling Program’s services are family focused, person centered, culturally responsive, and trauma informed. The goal is for students to be able to succeed academically and have healthy, productive, happy lives.  Additional funds for counseling services will improve and expand existing services so that more students are able to get the help they need to heal from trauma and succeed academically and socially.

Many of our students face daunting challenges. Homeless shelters, group homes for youth, and social service agencies refer many students. Oftentimes, youth come to Genesis multiple grade levels behind and are experiencing severe obstacles to learning such as past histories of trauma, abuse, and neglect.  Our counseling program helps students overcome such challenges. Each year, the program provides on-site individual, group, and psycho-educational group therapy to approximately 270 students ages 5-14. Counselors provide individual and group sessions which focus on areas such as identifying/articulating emotions, coping with trauma and relationships, anger management, conflict resolution, and impulse control.  Genesis has been providing counseling services to youth in Jackson County for more than twenty years. The goal of the program is to help children cope more effectively with the impact of trauma and psychosocial stressors in their environment.

Genesis is an award-winning charter school located in a high-crime/high-poverty area of Jackson County. Genesis serves many at-risk students including those who would benefit from an alternative environment. Genesis was founded over 35 years ago, and now serves approximately 300 youth each year in grades K-8.