Raytown Quality Schools RQS

Department of Justice (DOJ) Awards $250,000 Grant to Raytown Quality Schools (RQS)

Raytown Quality Schools (RQS) recently received a grant for $250,000 from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, STOP Technology and Threat Assessment Grant (DOJ BJA) to install and implement Anyvision facial recognition software (FRS), which will enable anonymous identification and reporting of potentially dangerous individuals attempting to enter school buildings or attend events, such as games, performances, or large meetings.

Raytown School District (RQS) will implement an anonymous reporting technology based on facial recognition software. The Anyvision facial recognition software will scan faces collected by the school district’s existing video infrastructure (cameras and monitors) to run security checks on entire groups entering buildings and events. Databases will include the sex offender registries, current or former students, staff, patrons, or other community members who have been identified as not allowed on school grounds, and other databases in partnership with law enforcement. The results can be monitored by the school district and shared with local and state authorities as needed. It will interface with a mobile-enabled platform allowing data to be shared instantly to building administrators and security when a concern arises.

Use of FRS will allow for the anonymous identification of high-risk or potentially dangerous individuals, and the system will alert the building administration and proper security personnel to the person’s presence via a smartphone application that shows the face and name of the individual and why they should not be in the school building or on school property. This allows for a human check of the identification, safety protocols to be implemented, and the opportunity for the potentially dangerous individual to only interact with the security personnel that will approach, remove, or apprehend the individual as necessary. If an individual is deemed to be too potentially dangerous for district security personnel to approach, the software will allow for the individual to be tracked until law enforcement can arrive.

In 1903, eight independent elementary schools consolidated in order to provide the best education for their community, and more than one hundred eleven years later, Raytown Quality Schools has renewed its vision for quality education during an ever-exciting time of growth and change. Staff and parents challenge students to strive to reach their academic and social potential, and the District helps provide the programs they need to succeed. Raytown is a fully accredited district by both state and national standards.  While the focus is on K-12 education, the Raytown C-2 School District has programs that reflect the community’s commitment to education at any age. From early childhood to adult education, nearly everyone can find a quality program of interest and value.