Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. (CMHS) Receives $475,000 Grant from Jackson County COMBAT

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. (CMHS) recently received a grant for $475,000 from Jackson County COMBAT for their Substance-Use Disorder Treatment Grant.

These grant funds will be utilized to promote abstinence and recovery by providing supervised residential substance use programs, outpatient day treatment, intensive outpatient services, and supported recovery services.  This grant request encompasses salaries of staff providing the following substance use services: 1) Bed-Nights/residential stay (supervised), 2) Day treatment, intensive outpatient and outpatient-supported recovery services, and 3) Community support assistance. Program supplies (medical, office, assessment, curriculum, and videos), travel, memberships, food, and urinalysis costs are also included.

Substance-related mental health disorders include intoxication, addiction, withdrawal, and other mental health consequences of inappropriate drug or alcohol use. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately 11% of individuals needing drug and alcohol treatment actually receive it. Untreated addiction has bio-psycho-social effects upon the human system which impairs the quality of living. Also according to SAMHSA, the social and health consequences of undiagnosed, untreated, or undertreated co-occurring disorders include a higher likelihood of experiencing homelessness, incarceration, medical illnesses, suicide, or even early death. Co-occurring mental health conditions and substance use disorders affect nearly 8.9 million Americans each year.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services (CMHS) provides an array of Addiction Recovery Services that help clients achieve success with long term recovery from substance use. The program serves low-income and Medicaid clients over the age of 18 of all racial and ethnic backgrounds who struggle with a history of substance use issues that often include a mental health diagnosis. The program serves individuals experiencing homelessness and those who have been sentenced in the Jackson County, Municipal, and State Drug Courts.