Comprehensive Mental Health Services (CMHS) Received a $7185 Grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation

Comprehensive Mental Health Services (CMHS) recently received a grant for $7185 from the Missouri Department of Transportation to help provide transportation services.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services (CMHS) provides transportation services to mentally ill, elderly, and dually diagnosed (a mental illness/disorder and a chemical addiction) clients in Kansas City, Missouri and Eastern Jackson County. The amount of funds needed for transporting our clients continues to diminish while the number of people we transport remains steady.

A major barrier for a many CMHS clients, especially the elderly and those with mental illness is transportation to appropriate services. For this vulnerable population often times public transportation is insufficient, inappropriate and at times unavailable. This can limit access to health care and further perpetuate health disparities. The majority of the CMHS transportation client trips fall under the category of “Other”. These trips consist of the following: transporting clients from home and from our residential facilities to community outpatient clinics; transporting clients to outside medical/dental appointments; transporting clients five days a week to and from our psychosocial rehabilitation program in Independence; transporting to and from activities and cultural events in the community; transporting clients to medical and mental health treatment services and opportunities for life skill development and recreation.  CMHS residential clients are transported to and from psychosocial rehabilitation program, community outings, and medical appointments. Residential and Outpatient transportation needs include mental health and substance abuse treatment related appointments as well as to offsite appointments and activities such as job training, Missouri Division of Family Services, educational activities, and structured recreational activities. Group Home client transportation needs include mental health treatment, social living skill development, social service appointments and recreation.

CMHS has provided mental health services to all residents, including the elderly, in northeastern Jackson County for over 40 years. The agency provides mental health services that are focused on the specific needs of the individual receiving services. CMHS assists clients in defining their own individual goals, and provides treatment to help clients achieve those goals. CMHS designs its services to maximize each client’s personal strengths while minimizing adverse behaviors and functional challenges.