CMHS Receives a $125,000 REACH Healthcare Foundation Grant

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. (CMHS) recently received a grant for $125,000 from the REACH Healthcare Foundation to help individuals identify and achieve healthcare and wellness goals, manage health conditions, and access primary and oral health care and health education.

This program will provide for the expansion of direct services and coverage for oral health, mental health and primary care through the safety net.  All of these individuals and entities will work together to assure individuals in the program receive coordinated care, understand and are able to follow through with treatment plans, are able to schedule and attend appointments with primary health providers, as well as behavioral health professionals, and are provided medication and supports they need to make well educated choices for their health.  This project will be a success if more clients are able to receive oral health services.

The Health Care Home (HCH) program was developed by CMHS in concert with the State of Missouri in response to recommendations across the nation that local community mental health centers were logical vehicles for expanding primary health to individuals with behavioral health issues. CMHS would like to expand this state program further with direct services for individuals needing oral health services.

The target population for the Health Care Home program is uninsured individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues who also have oral health concerns which are not being addressed due to lack of insurance. Those served may include any adults who have a serious and persistent mental illness or youth with serious emotional disturbance. All individuals served by this project will have household incomes that are 0-138% of the Federal Poverty Level.

CMHS anticipates that the target population will receive increased oral health care service compared to the previous twelve months.  This will include both increased non-emergency room services for active dental problems as well as increased preventative care and education.  These indicators will show “improved health outcomes for persons living in poverty, uninsured and medically underserved” while the services coordinated through Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. will “increase access to health care services and coverage” for individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues who are uninsured.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. (CMHS) is a community mental health center that provides a safety net of mental health and substance abuse treatment services, prevention education, and integrated mental and primary health services for low income people in eastern Jackson County and the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri. CMHS’ mission: In partnership with individuals, families, and our community, CMHS, Inc. provides the highest quality behavioral health services.

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