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Grants Specialist – Reviewer

Assel Grant Services (AGS) is accepting applications for a full-time Grants Specialist to serve on the reviewing team, which is responsible for the review and evaluation of grant proposals. This position requires focused, energized, and self-motivated individuals able to work out of their own home, with some travel to client locations occasionally needed. AGS is a professional grant services firm specializing in grant services and professional development to support the full grant cycle. AGS is a highly efficient, expert team of experienced grant writers and researchers who have written over 1,400 grants and been awarded over $340 million for our clients since 2007. We have a staff of 17 grant professionals, fourteen of whom are credentialed by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI) as Grant Professional Certified (GPC). No other grant services firm has as many GPCs on staff.

“This job has let me be a mom, and be present to my family. I can do normal mom things like reading kids stories, making dinner, etc. without feeling like my kids are in the way because I’m no longer trying to get work done in the evening when they are home. I’m not putting kids to bed and then working late into the night to meet deadlines. I’m still growing and learning, being challenged, and advancing in my field. I feel supported by the company without being asked to do more that interferes with the rest of my life.”

AGS Grant Specialist

Position Overview:

Grant Specialists on the reviewing team are primarily responsible for reviewing and evaluating grant proposals with funder requirements, criteria, and guidelines. Specialists must be able to absorb new information quickly, adapt to changing needs and situations of multiple projects at a time, and be able to exude confidence in client and staff discussions.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Review and evaluate grant applications to determine whether they meet stated requirements and criteria for the funding program.
  • Provide written and oral feedback of review and evaluation to clients and staff with suggestions for application improvement.
  • Create evaluation rubrics specific to funding opportunities, detailing all grant guidelines, criteria, and requirements, as well as internal knowledge.
  • Work with clients and staff to determine level of reviewing services and support needed for applications.
  • Standard activities aligned to the GPC competencies and skills, including professional and ethical practices.
  • Maintain company records of grant activities.


Key Competencies and Qualifications:


Education, Experience and Credentials: Hold a bachelor’s degree (minimum) with five years of successful grant proposal reviewing and/or writing experience plus the GPC, CGMS, PMP and/or CFRE. Applicants who do not currently have their GPC credentials will be considered a Grant Associate if they are eligible to take those exams within the next six months. Other nonprofit credentials are valued, as well as a variety of educational backgrounds. Federal grant experience is required.


Logical and Critical Thinking: Demonstrated ability to: (1) read and understand all aspects of grant projects and proposals, including data-backed needs to program design and logic models; (2) identify potential challenges and gaps; and (3) propose reasonable solutions backed with examples and evidence.


Detail Oriented: Keen ability to identify details, which may have been previously overlooked, including erroneous, inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent, and missing information.

Project and Time Management: Demonstrated management skills, including problem-solving; delegation; breaking down complex projects into manageable and delegable tasks; delivering quality, timely work within set deadlines; and keeping projects on track regarding time and hours for completion.


Professional Communication: Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate both in writing and orally with clients and staff, including sharing detailed, clear, and concise information and feedback and providing additional information on grant proposals, funder applications/guidelines, etc.


Leadership: Comfortable and confident in engaging with and leading clients, including their executive leadership staff, asking questions and providing information using respectful pushback when needed.


Teamwork: Serve on and support teams of professionals with diverse personalities and communication styles in staying on track and discerning task priorities in a workplace of competing priorities.


Continuous Learning: Willingness to learn about new clients, new concepts, new strategies, and yourself; ability to spin up on new concepts quickly and test new tools and technologies in a fast-paced environment.


AGS strives to be more than an equal opportunity employer. We strive to be culturally competent and seek to grow and promote all staff according to their strengths and interests. We seek to employ grant professionals from all walks of life who wish to continue growing through formal professional development and interprofessional conversations. Here you will be surrounded by some of the best and most successful grant professionals in the field.



AGS offers flexible scheduling, competitive wages ($53,000-$90,000 depending on education, credentials, and experience), paid holidays, paid time off, health insurance, matching retirement contributions, and bonuses based on individual and company performance, as well as extensive networking and professional development opportunities.


Application Instructions:

Send the following information to

  • Cover Letter (1 page, 1” margins, 12pt Times New Roman) describing your passion for one or more of the following: writing, grants, or nonprofits.
  • Resume (including government agencies to whom you have been written and/or been awarded grant funding)
  • Contact information for three professional references
  • Salary Requirements (annual)


Be prepared to:

  • Describe your career plan and professional development philosophy in an interview
  • Create a writing sample from a prompt (final candidates only)
  • Find spelling, typing, and grammar errors (final candidates only)