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Training Director

Assel Grant Services (AGS) is accepting applications for full-time Training Director. This position requires focused, energized, and self-motivated individuals able to work out of their own home, with some travel to training locations occasionally needed. AGS is a professional grant services firm specializing in grant services and professional development to support the full grant cycle. The AGS team is a highly efficient, expert team of experienced grant writers and researchers who have written over 1,400 grants and been awarded over $400 million for our clients since 2007. We have a staff of 19 grant professionals, 17 of whom are credentialed by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI) as Grant Professional Certified (GPC). No other grant services firm has as many GPCs on staff.

“This job has let me be a mom, and be present to my family. I can do normal mom things like reading kids stories, making dinner, etc. without feeling like my kids are in the way because I’m no longer trying to get work done in the evening when they are home. I’m not putting kids to bed and then working late into the night to meet deadlines. I’m still growing and learning, being challenged, and advancing in my field. I feel supported by the company without being asked to do more that interferes with the rest of my life.”

AGS Grants Specialist


The Training Director will be responsible for creating, implementing, and evaluating trainings provided by AGS, both internally to AGS staff, and externally to the nonprofit community and the general public, to improve their grant knowledge, skills, and abilities regarding the grant lifecycle. In addition, they will be involved in marketing trainings, developing training opportunity partnerships, and directing trainings based on the competencies and skills of supporting credentials, RFP best practices, and government regulations.



        • Work with the Senior Grants Specialist and Assistant Director of Reviewing Services to facilitate asynchronous/on-demand training, live trainings, and webinars
        • Work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to develop internal and external trainings; write training scripts; and create training presentations quizzes, assignments, and handouts
        • Work with the Training Coordinator to develop the training calendar
        • Work with the VP of Grant Operations to develop and utilize AGS’s credentialed SMEs as trainers and with the Senior Grants Specialist to coach AGS staff on presentation skills
        • Work with the Training Coordinator and Business Development staff to develop leads and create marketing messages to be distributed via traditional paper collateral, social media, email newsletters, and multimedia platforms

Ideal Candidates:

Training Director candidates will have at least a bachelor’s degree and 3 to 5 years of education, training, or other relevant experience. Ideal candidates will have knowledge and experience with adult learning styles and teaching strategies for large groups, small groups, and individuals. They will be able to provide technical assistance and coaching across the professional development continuum and convey complex concepts in ways that facilitate learning for beginners to experts. They will have education and/or experience in curriculum design, educational assessment, and coaching. They will have marketing design experience related to training, including advanced PowerPoint experience in presentation and handout design, and graphic design experience with relevant platforms and software (Canva, Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc.).


Candidates will:

        • Have an exceptional ability to manage multiple priorities, projects, and tasks in order to meet deadlines;
        • Have experience with independent project management, including problem-solving;
        • Have project management skills to develop, manage, and keep projects on track regarding time and hours for completion;
        • Have experience with effective questioning techniques to gain content knowledge from subject matter experts;
        • Have a critical eye for details;
        • Must be willing to learn — about new concepts, new strategies, and about themselves. Being able to spin up on new concepts quickly is required.

AGS strives to be more than an equal-opportunity employer. We strive to be culturally competent and seek to grow and promote all staff according to their strengths and interests. We seek to employ professionals from all walks of life who wish to continue growing through formal professional development and interprofessional conversations. Here you will be supported and empowered by some of the best and most successful professionals in the field.


Assel Grant Services offers flexible scheduling; competitive wages ($60,000-$80,000 depending on education, credentials, and experience); paid holidays, paid time off; health insurance; matching retirement contributions; professional and financial support to attain and maintain the relevant credentials; as well as extensive networking and professional development opportunities.


Application Instructions:
Send the following information to

Cover Letter (1 page, 1” margins, 12pt Times New Roman) describing your passion for one or more of the following: writing, grants, or nonprofits.

Resume (including government agencies to whom you have been written and/or been awarded grant funding)

Contact information for three professional references

Salary Requirements


Be prepared to:

Describe your career plan and professional development philosophy in an interview

Provide training portfolio examples, such as links to publicly available trainings, training slide decks, and examples of training handouts (final candidates only)

Marketing materials examples that you have created or collaborated on, such as corporate trainings (final candidates only)