Push Reset By Maryam Gilmore, JD

Whew! That was quite the introductory period for this year’s ‘life’ subscription (i.e., January). I don’t know about everyone else, but I could use a quick moment to hit the metaphorical reset button. So, here are a few strategies you can use to help readjust, reset, and get ready to tackle February 2021 and beyond.

Recommit to making a sustainable change.

Seems much easier than it sounds, right? But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Maybe start by letting go of your New Year’s resolutions – if you haven’t already that is. Or maybe take a moment to acknowledge the things that didn’t go as planned, note the lessons you learned, and seek out ways to improve. This doesn’t have to be exclusively reserved for work. Just like you evaluate your agency’s programmatic performance, you can spend some time thinking about what changes you can make (in both personal and work life) that you’re willing and able to maintain.

Refresh your social media.

If there were ever a time to consider refreshing your social media platforms, it’s now. Social media is associated with some bad stuff, but there’s a bunch of good stuff out there too if you make it work for you. We’re not talking about your company’s platforms or how they’re run. We’re talking about the content you individually follow on your personal social media platforms and how it feeds your brain whether you want it to or not. Refresh your social media by unfollowing content that doesn’t enhance your life in some way, and intentionally seek out the types of influences, motivation, or other things you need to create the environment that you want and can thrive in.

Remain adaptable.

If nothing else, 2020 served as an ever-present reminder of the importance of adaptability. I’d implore you to take that lesson and revise it to meet your needs. Let’s be realistic – we can’t possibly prepare for each and every exact scenario that 2021 has to offer. But we can shift our individual mindset so that we can hopefully adjust and adapt to whatever comes our way. As you plan for February 2021 and beyond, ask yourself questions and come up with some ways you can utilize your creative problem solving skills.