Mid-America Regional Council Awards $60,467 to TNC Community

TNC Community was recently awarded a $60,467 grant from the Mid-America Regional Council to support the purchase of two handicap-accessible minivans.

The funding provided by the Mid-America Regional Council will provide two replacement minivans.  Each requested minivan will travel approximately 6,000 miles per year and will support between 45 and 50 individuals, depending on the number of individuals living in TNC homes.

Transportation for the Community Integration Program fills an important need for individuals with severe intellectual/developmental disabilities to engage in recreation, access jobs or classes, and complete daily tasks such as shopping that are vital to living happy, healthy, and interdependent lives. The acquisition of these vehicles will be particularly important for medical appointments. Many of the individuals supported by TNC have complex medical needs resulting from disabilities including feeding tubes, catheters, and higher risks of choking. These conditions mean that public transportation is typically inaccessible or unsafe for our individuals, particularly those who require assistance to be mobile. Since more than 75% of the individuals we support live below the federal poverty line, those who would be capable of operating a vehicle are often unable to afford one. This means that transportation provided by TNC is very often the only regular way for the individuals we support to access recreation, medical services, and complete daily tasks.

TNC Community has more than 17 years’ experience supporting individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who often have complex medical needs and significant impairment. TNC specializes in high-need individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who require greater care than individuals with I/DD supported by similar organizations.  Importantly, TNC’s mission focuses on helping individuals live interdependent, satisfying lives, with access to basic services like transportation so that they can engage with the community.