Metro Lutheran Ministries (MLM) Receives $68,650 Grant from AmeriCorps Foundation

Metro Lutheran Ministries (MLM) was recently awarded a $68,650 grant from AmeriCorps Foundation to support five AmeriCorps members.

Metro Lutheran Ministry will have the five AmeriCorps members provide financial literacy services, employment services, housing repair, housing repair education, nutrition education, community gardening, and food delivery services primarily in Kansas City, Missouri with limited services in Kansas City, Kansas. At the end of the first program year, the AmeriCorps members will have been responsible for improving individuals’ financial knowledge, helping clients become employed, assisting seniors with maintaining safe housing, and increasing food security for economically disadvantage individuals.

The mission of Metro Lutheran Ministry is to affirm the right of all people to food, clothing and shelter, while promoting self-sufficiency and hope through direct services and advocacy.  MLM proposes using five AmeriCorps Members to support interventions which will address the root cause of poverty (unemployment), the root causes of sustained employed poverty (lack of financial literacy and household maintenance skills), and one of the most basic symptoms of poverty (food).

For over 40 years, Metro Lutheran Ministry has ministered to the poor, homeless, elderly, and disabled in the greater Kansas City area.  MLM uses a holistic approach with strengths-based and outcomes-based counseling and case management to guide clients toward greater independence and self-reliance.  Metro Lutheran Ministry has experience with providing other services to the target population, including housing, food, and emergency assistance.