Lorraine’s House Receives $50,000 Grant from the REACH Healthcare Foundation

Lorraine’s House was recently awarded a $50,000 grant from REACH Healthcare Foundation to support a compassionate approach, structure, and research- and evidence-based strategies to support women in their recovery from substance use disorder (SUD).

Lorraine’s House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has served women recovering from SUD in Johnson County since 2016. Their mission is to provide a safe, supportive home environment with structure that will empower residents as they transition from addiction to recovery. Stable housing is one of the biggest barriers individuals faced in recovery. Lorraine’s House offers a trauma-informed, client-centered environment that provides women with compassion, structure, and clinically informed strategies that support a successful transition to stable, independent, and sober living.

Individuals attempting to abstain and recover from SUD are a vulnerable population who often lack access to appropriate housing due to legal issues, financial constraints, and poor credit. They may also experience co-occurring mental health disorders that require treatment. All too often, because their conditions go undiagnosed and/or untreated, these individuals end up unemployed, isolated from their families, and experiencing homelessness. This is true for a majority of the individuals referred to Lorraine’s House’s residential program. Many women come to Lorraine’s House experiencing homelessness and unemployment, and nearly all are living at or below the federal poverty level. These women may be transitioning from residential treatment, incarceration, unhealthy living situations, detox, or community support groups. All residents must demonstrate a readiness to work or volunteer, actively participate in the functioning of the house, and engage in the recovery community by participating in meetings, sponsorship, and house activities.

Lorraine’s House sets itself apart from others by providing the following key services: trauma-informed care; medication management, including opiate replacement therapy; and sober community involvement. Staff provide case management services for each resident and create a relapse prevention plan for each resident, which identifies the signs and triggers that may lead to an individual’s return to substance use and includes a plan for managing these situations. Lorraine’s House provides financial assistance to residents who are unable to pay rent until they secure employment.

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