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LIVE WEBINAR: Federal Grants: Becoming a Federal Grant Reviewer

December 8 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Federal Grants: Becoming a Federal Grant Reviewer
Session 13 of the Federal Grants Series

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Did you know that most competitive federal grant opportunities are reviewed by a team of peer reviewers? Federal agencies are looking for specific, documented experience in areas related to current grant opportunities. Going through something as simple as the orientation process makes you more aware of what information reviewers are and are not given before starting to review applications. This peer-review process is a core component of the federal grants process. These federal agencies are always seeking to increase the size and diversity of their reviewer pool so applications benefit from different perspectives. This process is often very intense for a two-week period of time, but several of the agencies compensate peer reviewers for their time and effort.

This session will provide information on the most commonly requested information from federal agencies, their expectations for reviewers, and the benefits of serving as a reviewer.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to become a federal grant reviewer
  • The benefits of being a federal grant reviewer
  • What federal agencies are looking for in a grant reviewer


The trainers for these sessions are all credentialed grant professionals (GPCs) who agree to adhere to the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Code of Ethics and are GPA Approved Trainers. All of the trainings in this series align with the Grant Professionals Certification Institute’s competencies and skills

GPCI Competencies and Skills: 1.1, 1.4, 7.1

Length: 60 minutes

Price: $50



Federal Grants Training Series

Most people consider federal grant training to be a more advanced form of grant writing and management. We at Assel Grant Services do a lot of work with federal grants and we believe that federal grants share a lot of characteristics with significant federal grants. That said, there are a lot of nuances unique to federal grants to learn. This professional development series is designed to help nonprofit professionals who have never written a federal grant be as prepared to step through the federal grant pre-award and post-award process for the first time with confidence.

These sessions are designed to support nonprofit professionals before and during their first federal grant. If you don’t tune in before your first opportunity comes out, this series can be managed during a typical six to eight-week federal grant funding cycle.

If you would like to arrange a custom scheduled training for your organization, please email us to speak to one of our Training staff. If you would like information about all our upcoming trainings, please subscribe to our monthly Training Newsletter!

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