KCKPS Receives $1,676,502 Award from KSCCTF ECBG

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools was recently awarded a $1,676,502 grant from Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund Early Childhood Block Grant to Project SPARK will implement services to meet the needs of at-risk early childhood children and families.

Successful Partnerships to Assure Readiness for Kindergarten (Project SPARK) will support four classrooms and will provide coaching to four Head Start classrooms. These classrooms, which address waiting lists and offer more opportunities for three year old’s, will be a mix of three and four year old’s.

Core activities within the approach include screening, social emotional support, mental health services, and high quality preschool education.  Project SPARK will serve the eastern and southern half of the KCKPS, including schools in the Wyandotte and Harmon High School Clusters in Kansas City, Wyandotte County.

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is a nationally recognized urban school district serving approximately 22,000 students. With a Head Start program, three preschools, 30 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 5 high schools, the district serves a wonderfully diverse mixture of students. A remarkable 75 different languages are spoken in the homes of our students. To serve those students, the district employs more than 3,800 staff, including more than 1,600 teachers.