Jackson County COMBAT Treatment Program Awards $460,000 Grant to Comprehensive Mental Health Services (CMHS)

Comprehensive Mental Health Services (CMHS) was recently awarded a $460,000 grant from Jackson County COMBAT Treatment Program to support their Addiction Recovery program.

The CMHS Addiction Recovery program provides quality residential and outpatient services for low income men and women with addictions in Jackson County, MO. CMHS has one residential facility and utilizes Parkway Addition Center for outpatient services. The program accepts homeless clients or those struggling with other mental health issues.

Clients in the Addiction Recovery Program are referred from mental health professionals, family, medical facilities, social/community agencies as well as by self-referral, former clients and drug court/probation/parole and hospitals. Common diagnoses for clients include alcohol related disorder, anxiety, bipolar, depressive disorder, drug related disorders, personality disorders, adjustment disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depressive disorder, schizophrenia and sleep disorders.

CMHS’s Addiction Recovery program promotes abstinence from drug and alcohol use by providing residential, day treatment, outpatient, and supported recovery services to persons with drug and/or alcohol addictions.  The addiction recovery program improves employment and educational status by supporting people in their recovery from addictions that have impaired their ability to acquire and maintain jobs and/or educational opportunities. Community Support Specialist (CSS) services focus attention on the unique needs of each participant in these areas and encourage self-sufficiency in finding and maintaining housing and employment and furthering their education. The addiction recovery program also addresses the elimination of criminal behavior by assisting with addiction recovery. Those in recovery at CMHS are not using illegal drugs or committing other crimes in order to gain funds to purchase drugs/alcohol. CSS’s also act as liaisons to the court system to assist clients in meeting any prior legal obligations. Including family in the recovery process helps to improve family relationships and redirects resources from drugs and/or alcohol to help improve the client’s living situation. The program encourages spouses and significant others to participate in the treatment process as deemed appropriate. CSS’s work to ensure participants are connected to the community, enhancing social supports and reducing the chances of relapse.  The program connects clients to 12-step sponsors, support groups, and staff to surround the person with an environment conducive to continuing in recovery.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services’ (CMHS) mission is “in partnership with individuals, families and our community, Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. will provide the highest quality behavioral health services.”  With more than four decades of experience with addiction recovery services, CMHS programs provide contracted services for individuals who are offenders or in a pre-trial or probationary status with the Federal Probation and Parole Board. CMHS also provides services for the Jackson County, Municipal, and State Drug Courts.