Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Kansas City Receives $2,000 Grant from Home Depot Foundation

Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Kansas City was recently awarded a $2,000 grant from the Home Depot Foundation to support their Greater Blessing Minor Home Repair program.

The Fuller Center for Housing’s Greater Blessing is an all-volunteer program that partners with other local community organizations to aid low-income homeowners with minor repairs and/or modifications to make homes safe and accessible. Projects are less than $5,000 and include leaking roofs, broken windows, hazardous kitchens/bathrooms, or wheel-chair ramps. Recipients are individuals and families, especially the elderly, disabled, and veterans who lack the resources and/or physical ability to make needed repairs. Homeowners complete an application to verify their eligibility.

Minor home repair can be key to helping disabled, elderly, and low-income individuals continue living in decent, affordable housing. According to the Whitehouse Homeowner’s Policy Book, residents who own their own homes tend to take more pride in their neighborhoods and surrounding communities, leading to increased community stability. A 2013 Harvard University study concluded nonprofit organizations like FCHGKC play a significant role in leveraging public and private resources to assist our country’s most vulnerable households to maintain their properties, particularly in distressed neighborhoods (Will & Baker, 2013).  Fuller Center for Housing’s Greater Blessing program helps low income families and individuals remain in their homes by providing home repairs to alleviate safety hazards and improve accessibility.

Fuller Center for Housing is an international organization established in 2005 by Millard and Linda Fuller, founders of Habitat for Humanity. Guided by Christian principles, the Fuller Center strives to be an excellent steward of donated funds while providing new home construction and home repair services at affordable costs in partnership with individuals and families in need. The Fuller Center is active in over 20 countries and 80 cities in the United States.