CMHS Receives $30,000 Grant from the REACH Healthcare Foundation

Comprehensive Mental Health Services (CMHS) recently received a grant for $30,000 from the REACH Healthcare Foundation to connect CMHS with the Kansas area health information exchange, LACIE.

The goal of the Health Information Exchange Connections project is to increase CMHS’ capacity to securely pass confidential client information between health organizations electronically.  When CMHS is connected to the Kansas City area health information exchange, LACIE, CMHS will be able to electronically receive and send confidential client information with other area medical and behavioral health care organizations, such as Truman Medical Centers, ReDiscover, and Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics. LACIE’s Nationwide Health Information Network gateway will also allow CMHS to connect to other State exchanges, such as Missouri Health Connection and Kansas Health Information Network, as well as the federal government to ensure proper care of all patients.  Through LACIE, CMHS will be able to view consolidated medical data including lab results, radiology information, medication history and allergies.  By sharing health information with other providers, CMHS will also be able to receive previous evaluations and care summaries.

The Protecting Access to Medicare Act, passed in 2014, sought to improve the quality of community mental health centers and to establish Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) through a set of basic standards all CCBHCs must meet.  These standards fall into six areas with draft criteria and multiple objectives in each area.  The six areas are staffing, availability and accessibility of services, care coordination, scope of services, quality and other reporting, and organizational authority.

This capacity grant will “improve the quality of health care services for poor and under-served people” through an improvement in its patient outcomes.  These patient outcomes are expected to improve through the enhanced care coordination provided with the connection to the Health Information Exchange.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. (CMHS) is a community mental health center that provides a safety net of mental health and substance abuse treatment services, prevention education, and integrated mental and primary health services for low income people in eastern Jackson County and the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri. CMHS’ mission: In partnership with individuals, families, and our community, CMHS, Inc. provides the highest quality behavioral health services.