Metro Lutheran Ministries (MLM) was recently awarded a $5,000 grant from Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L) to provide emergency utility assistance for families in imminent danger of losing their utility services.

MLM has provided Emergency Assistance for over 40 years to people in financial crisis.  This assistance includes emergency payments to utility service providers for families in imminent danger of losing their utility services.  These families are existing at or below the 150% of the federal poverty guidelines.  Beyond immediate resources to stabilize families in financial crisis, MLM helps clients manage limited resources efficiently, and given them hope and a helping hand to break the cycle of poverty.

MLM expects to assist 45-55 clients with utility assistance with funding requested from KCP&L.  The immediate impact will be significant, as clients receiving funding will be able to heat, cool, and/or light homes, thereby increasing the safety, security, and comfort of their families.  With MLM case management, clients will be able to maintain a basic standard of dignity and quality of life for themselves and their families. 

Metro Lutheran Ministry affirms the right of all people to food, clothing, and shelter, while promoting self-sufficiency and hope through direct services and advocacy.  Founded in 1971, MLM serves homeless families and families 30 days from eviction/foreclosure with emergency assistance.  We serve families of all races and religions in Kansas City’s urban core.  Our goal is to reach 23,000 individuals in poverty each year with food, rent/utility assistance and housing placement.