Developing Potential Inc. (DPI) recently received a grant for $399,722 from Eitas to support the training of quality staff and programmatic needs of DPI’s day services. 

DPI provides on-site and community-based services for adults with developmental disabilities.  DPI strives to improve individuals’ abilities to live, work, and develop relationships in their communities.  DPI’s goal is to provide service and support to meet each individual’s needs.

Funding from Eitas allows DPI to provide an increased amount of services to adults with developments disabilities in Jackson County.  These services support people’s rights to self-determination, choice, inclusion in the community, and lives with dignity and purpose.  DPI works to provide individuals with high-quality, compassionate, and culturally appropriate supports guided by an individual’s own desires and Gentle Teaching principles.  DPI firmly believes that all individuals deserve to have meaning and purpose in their days, and dignity and independence in their lives.  DPI also believes that we as human beings should aspire to a society where all individuals live with dignity and as much independence as possible.

As of August 2014, DPI is providing services to 151 individuals, 131 of whom were eligible for Eitas day services funding.  In 2009, DPI served 107 individuals.  Only five years later, the agency is serving over 40% more people, reflecting the growing demand for DPI’s services.

Developing Potential Inc. (DPI) was founded in 1993 to provide services to adults with disabilities.  The organization began with one location in Kansas City, Missouri, serving right individuals.  The demand for DPI’s services grew quickly, and in 2002, DPI opened a second facility in Independence, MO.  At the end of 2011, the Kansas City and Independence locations were service 50 and 68 individuals, respectively.  In 2012, DPI opened a facility in Lee’s Summit, MO.  DPI currently serves 144 adults with developmental disabilities at these three sites, all in Jackson County, Missouri.  While there are other agencies in Jackson County that offer day services for adults with developmental disabilities, DPI’s high level of program planning, attention to individualized services, and ability to serve individuals with complex medical needs set it apart from other area providers.