Genesis Promise Academy was recently awarded a $158,100 grant from Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund (JCCMHH) to support their counseling program. 

The counseling program will provide mental health services to 200 current Genesis students ages 5-14. 

In the long term and without intervention, research indicates that children who come from stressful environments tend to channel that stress into disruptive behavior at school and are less able to develop a healthy social and academic life.  The Counseling Department’s 2013 Childhood Trust Events Survey found that the average Genesis student had experienced 5 traumatic events; 72% reported incarceration of a family member; 39% reported a family member being physically abused/threatened or killed; 38% reported physical/sexual abuse and/or neglect within the home; 34% reported seeing a friend or someone in their neighborhood being beaten up, shot at or killed; and 26% reported a family member with mental illness. The goal of the program is to help children cope more effectively with the impact of trauma and psychosocial stressors at home and in the community.

Genesis serves kindergarten through 8th grade. Beginning as a VISTA program in 1975, Genesis today has served over 2,000 youth needing academic & social development to be successfully in their educational journey. Certified teachers offer 90 minutes of reading and math, mental health counseling, cultural/performing arts, computer instruction and intervention.  Genesis was created to address the special needs of our students. We help each student become a responsible and a self-sufficient learner.