Case Statements are comprehensive descriptions of the basic components most grant funders request.  All Case Statements include: Organization History, Problem Statement or Need for Program; Program Description including goals/objectives, activities, timeline, and outcomes; Program Evaluation, and Program Budget.

Case Statements can be developed for an organization independent of other grant services or in conjunction with grant research and grant writing services. For example,

  • Organization A has an executive director who writes grants to support the organization.  They do not have grant writer, a development director, or grant opportunities currently identified.  A high quality Case Statement can be written that the executive director can use if any appropriate grant opportunities come up during the year.
  • Organization B has been writing each grant as it becomes available, but no comprehensive Case Statement about each of their programs has been written, so the staff member writing the grant has to start from scratch or cut and paste from other grants written in the past to develop each proposal.  In addition, the staff member has to go to program staff every time a grant is written to get the program information.  A high quality Case Statement can be developed for each program that will allow development staff to consistently use the same information for all grants written during a year, thus decreasing the amount of time spent on each grant opportunity and increasing the number of grants for which the organization can apply. 
  • Organization C is looking for a comprehensive and cost effective grant writing solution.  They ask Assel Grant Services to develop a Case Statement for their program, research grant opportunities to provide funding for their program, and use the Case Statement to quickly and easily write proposals for the identified grant opportunities. 

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