Whether your organization is in need of temporary a-la-carte grant services, or if you are looking to outsource your entire grants department, Assel Grant Services can help you meet your goals.

Development of Grant Seeking Seeking Strategy

Assel Grant Services believes the most competitive grant proposals align to the organization’s mission and vision. Our team’s knowledge of organizational development will help you assess your readiness and capacity for identifying funding resources that will help advance your overall strategic plan. Assel Grant Services uses a variety of strategies to assist staff at your organization in developing new ideas into fundable concepts.

Services offered in this category include:

  • Concept planning and logic model creation
  • Case statement preparation
  • Creation of nonprofit profile (e.g. Donor Edge)
  • Creation of a standard portfolio of attachments required for grants
  • General consulting and education about the grant seeking process
  • Grant readiness audits

Grant Research

Considering the unique needs of your nonprofit, our team will research various grant making agencies that will best align with your strategic vision. The following resources will be used to deliver a list of potential grant opportunities:

  • Online Foundation Directory
  • Forecasts from Government Agencies
  • Online Digests
  • Knowledge of Local Funders
  • Relationships with Program Officers
  • Foundation Websites

The research provided to the client will help agencies prioritize their grant seeking according to risk tolerance and capacity.

  • Our team can also help research and qualify any grant opportunities that your organization may have already identified, and provide an assessment of “fit” for the opportunity based upon our analysis of the request for proposal (RFP).
  • Our team is happy to facilitate calls, or attend meetings with program officers at any stage of the grant process (e.g. debrief sessions and/or information sessions).

Grant Calendar Development/Management

Assel Grant Services will help your nonprofit develop and stay on track with your grant seeking strategy to make sure it does not get put on the back-burner due to competing priorities or during times of staffing transitions. Depending on the infrastructure of your nonprofit organization’s development office, Assel Grant Services can provide a leadership or supporting role in the following services:

 Services offered:

  • Based upon qualified research, create a calendar with deadlines and organizational capacity for the nonprofit to implement or implement with as-needed grant writing assistance from Assel Grant Services (ideal for nonprofits with a part-time or full-time Grant Writer).
  • Assel Grant Services can implement and manage the full grant calendar, including monitoring reporting deadlines (ideal for nonprofits without a Grant Writer or Development Director)

Grant Proposal Design and Development

Assel Grant Services has an extensive knowledge and unique experience in how to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application. For a list of the grant making agencies to which our clients have applied and were successfully funded, click here.

Our experience and successful track record with nearly every type of grant making agency--from large, organization-wide federal proposals to capital campaign proposals, to smaller, program-specific private foundation proposals, Assel Grant Services can do it all.

Grant Reporting and Compliance / Management

Our internal experts can help develop and implement a grant management plan for pre- and post-award monitoring and implementation. Meeting your expectations will help ensure you receive continuous funding for your programs.

Pre-Award: This may include the following:

  • Write procedures that demonstrate your experience or capacity required by a funder
  • Develop sustainability plans for programs once grant funds expire
  • Create summaries of RFP’s that can be used with your team to evaluate whether you are prepared to pursue a opportunity

Post-Award: This may include:

  • Writing internal and/or external policies and procedures required by a funder
  • Creating a post- award implementation plan to ensure all stakeholders understand the work that has been funded and the requirements
  • Ensure your agency understands rules, regulations, reporting, and audit requirements of funders
  • Develop templates to be used to collate the various data required for funder reports so that you are not scrambling the week before the report is due. This includes proper tracking of proposed budget versus actual, programmatic reporting, and financial reporting.
  • Develop Time and Effort Tracking templates
  • Write interim and final grant reports*
  • Help write content for the agency to use to publicize grant awards.


*Assel Grant Services is not an external evaluation firm nor does Assel Grant Services take any responsibility for project data collection, storage, or analysis. However, we can help guide your organization through the following steps:

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Evaluation Design
  • Instrument Design and Data Collection Plan
  • Report Composition