Strategic Planning

Assel Grant Services believes the most competitive grant proposals align to the institution’s mission and vision. To this end, team members with expertise in strategic planning are available to assist your college or university in identifying areas of strengths and weakness and determining how a robust grantsmanship agenda can support both. Services provided include:

  • Proposal Review;
  • Capacity Building;
  • SWOT Analysis; and
  • Identification & Prioritization of Potential Programs for Grant Support.

Concept Development

Assel Grant Services makes use of a variety of strategies to assist faculty at your institution develop new ideas into fundable concepts. Services offered in this category include:

  • Institutional Data Collection;
  • Identification of Potential Partners;
  • Concept Planning and Logic Models;
  • Literature Review; and
  • Prepared Case Statements.

Grant Calendar Development

Assel Grant Services has expertise in securing grant funding from federal, state, county, and private grant-making agencies. Depending on the needs of your college or university, our team will research a variety of relevant grant opportunities and develop a grant calendar of those opportunities that are determined the “best mission fit.”

Coaching & Professional Development

Assel Grant Services believes the best way for colleges and universities to grow their capacity in grantsmanship is through coaching and professional development. Our team of grant professionals participates in an average of 30 hours of professional development each year. As a result, we are equipped to coach administrators and key grant personnel at your institution on relevant trends and best practices in grantsmanship. We offer a variety of professional development opportunities including:

  • Individual Coaching with IHE Grant Staff;
  • Small Group Workshops; and
  • Large Group Professional Development.

Proposal Development

Assel Grant Services has experience and a track record of success with nearly every type of grant making agency. From large, institution-wide Federal proposals to capital campaign proposals, to smaller, program-specific private foundation proposals, Assel Grant Services can do it all.  For a list of the grant making agencies to which our clients have applied and were successfully funded, click here.

As a result of our collective experience working with institutions of higher education, Assel Grant Services has developed a set of guidelines that guides our collaboration with key personnel at your college or university during the proposal development process. The chart below outlines a recommended structure. Call or email to design the perfect collaborative model for your institution.

Post-Award Management

Assel Grant Services is not an external evaluation firm, nor does Assel Grant Services take any responsibility for project data collection, storage, or analysis. Instead, experts from our team of grant professionals come alongside your institution to guide the process of grant award management, including providing institutional marketing, advancement, or public relations staff a synopsis of the grant details in layman’s terms and an overview of how to share news of the grant award with public audiences and collaborating with key project personnel to draft and prepare interim and annual progress reports.