Depending on the needs of your school or district, Assel Grant Services offers a full cycle of grantsmanship services. We can meet short deadlines or work toward achieving a long-range vision. Assel Grant Services can be brought in at any stage of the cycle to support your organization, to provide ongoing, or a-la-carte services.

We work with school districts that have a variety of development capacities, including:

  • School districts that have a full-time Grant Writer who needs assistance (ongoing or periodic) with overflow work;
  • School districts that have a Development Director that oversees all fundraising and doesn’t have the time to implement a comprehensive grant program;
  • School districts that have a development professional on medical/personal leave or are between development professionals that need temporary grant writing support to ensure continuity of revenue sources in the interim;
  • School districts with an Executive Director and no development staff;
  • School districts who do not have development staff, relying on either the Superintendent or Curriculum Director to write grants, despite their busy schedules;
  • Principals who are writing grants for their building programs and/or supporting classroom teachers in writing for innovative classroom projects.
  • The staff grant professional has a full slate of grant proposals to prepare and a viable opportunity for an unexpected grant proposal arises;
  • The administration wants to slowly increase grantsmanship productivity in select departments or for specific projects;
  • The organization is experiencing a time of transition between staff grant professionals but does not want to lose grantsmanship momentum with faculty or miss the submission of key progress reports;
  • Staff members currently engaged in grantsmanship have expressed a desire for professional development in the area of grant proposal preparation to increase the competiveness of their proposals;

Our team of grant professionals participates in an average of 30 hours of professional development each year. As a result, we are equipped to support district and building level administrators on relevant trends and best practices in grantsmanship through individual coaching, small, or large group workshops. Assel Grant Services team members have provided trainings on behalf of Nonprofit Connect, the nationally and locally for the Grant Professionals Association, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals and we provide information about upcoming trainings to our clients so they can participate.