Assel Grant Services offers a full cycle of grantsmanship services. Depending on the needs of your institution, our team can provide a-la-carte services from the categories described below. Alternatively, we can work with your administration and faculty to deliver a complete portfolio of services designed to support your institution’s strategic goals with external grant funding.

Maximizing Grant Funder Relationships and Grant Revenue

Our internal experts can help develop and implement a grant management plan for pre and post-award monitoring and implementation. Helping you comply with all federal regulations and requirements will result in excellent history and sustainable grant funds.  

Pre-Award: This may include: 

  • Assist with compliance review of RFP to ensure you have required written procedures in place per OMB Circulars 
  • Assist with cost-sharing, matching, and indirect cost funds 
  • Help establish an effective budget for your proposal 

Post-Award: This may include: 

  • Review of terms and conditions to ensure consistency with government-wide regulations for higher education 
  • Develop any additional policies/procedures not included in Pre-Award process 
  • Implementation of grant activities (programmatic and financial) 
  • Assist with interim and annual reports as it pertains to programmatic and financial activities
  • Modifications as it relates to project scope or budget
  • Budget and expenditure management to ensure costs are allowable, allocable, and reasonable 
  • Compliance with all possible regulations as it applies to specifics grants 
  • Establish close-out procedures 
  • Prepare for Audit which might include internal, external, federal, state, or foundation 

Customized Services to Meet Your Institution’s Specific Needs

Every college and university is unique, and each has a different model for its grant development initiatives. The members of the Assel Grant Services Higher Education Engagement team have experience leading grant initiatives originating from a variety of models:

Advancement Model – Assel Grant Services works with development directors to meet institutional fundraising goals by developing annual grant revenue streams;

Academic Model – Assel Grant Services works with faculty and / or the academic administration to support student-oriented initiatives as well as community outreach initiatives; and

Research Model – Assel Grant Services works with the institutions Office of Sponsored Research to support the research interests of individual faculty members.

Because of our flexibility, the members of Assel Grant Services can quickly respond to the grantsmanship capacity needs at your institution. We can meet needs including:

  • IHEs that have a full-time Grant Writer who needs assistance (ongoing or periodic) with overflow work;
  • IHEs that want to develop a comprehensive grantsmanship program;
  • IHEs that have a Grant Writer on medical / personal leave or are between Grant Writers that need temporary grant writing support to ensure continuity of revenue sources in the interim; and
  • IHEs that are engaged in a specialized research initiative or capital campaign and need dedicated grant writers for these activities.

Ask about our menu of customizable grantsmanship services tailored to your institution’s specific needs.