The Assel Grant Services team is comprised of nine grant professionals dedicated to meeting the grant development needs of your nonprofit organization. Of these individuals, we have seven staff members dedicated to meeting the grant development needs of your non-profit. Six team members are dedicated to meeting the grant development needs of your nonprofit organization. Four team members are Grant Professional Certified (GPCs) by the Grant Professional Certification Institute. We are well-networked with program officers, grant making agencies, other grant development, management, and evaluation experts which ensure your organization receives strategic and holistic grant development services.

Your Mission is Our Passion.

"What I enjoy most about grant writing is the process, and coaching a client through that process that at first seemed daunting when they first looked at the proposal. There are so many change-agents in Kansas City, and I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to help them tell their stories of impact to secure resources." - Julie Alsup, Director of Nonprofit Engagement


Since beginning my career in the non-profit industry in 2005, followed by the start of my grant writing career in 2010, I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing organizations and their staff who are dedicated to the mission of helping others. These are the people and the causes that drive me every day to get better at my craft.   I know that by using my love for writing and attention to detail in the grants I create is my way of making a significant difference for those in need.

I am so honored to be able to help organizations get the funding they need to help their clients, whether they are homeless, hungry, struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues, victims of sex trafficking, foster youth with nowhere to turn, families in desperate need of autism services, or those that just need help. Simply put, I love what I do! - Hayley Waynick

Helping non-profits accomplish their mission and provide services to needy populations is close to my heart as a grant professional. I’ve always had a call to help others, spending over 20 years as an LMSW focused on services to children and families, including: foster/adoptive children, juvenile offenders, families, and runaway/homeless youth. During my career, I’ve written, implemented, and reported on grant projects as a direct service provider, program administrator, and member of senior management. My non-profit experience in direct service and administration gives me a unique understanding about the important connection between strong grant development practices and serving client needs. - Kari Cronbaugh-Auld


Working for Assel Consulting allows me to connect in meaningful ways with nonprofits in my community. The opportunity to change the world is around every corner. I get to help generate funds so our nonprofit clients can further their chosen causes. I get to bring more attention to important issues in the community.  Here at Assel Consulting, we get to focus on solutions, not just problems and barriers. We listen. We learn. We work hard. We serve. We give hope. We inspire. We get to see the incredible impact we make on the lives of others. We get to help our nonprofit clients have a significant influence in their communities. “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” – Albert Schweitzer. - Roxanne Jensen


I write grants not just as a living, but as a way of living with purpose. I love Assel Consulting because we’re able to help so many different, wonderful organizations find resources from agencies who share their missions and visions. We here at Assel Consulting are in the wonderful position of being able to facilitate a wide variety of great programs, helping organizations maximize their impact on some of the most vulnerable members in our communities. - Tom Assel

Nonprofits are the caretakers in our communities. I enjoy writing grants for nonprofits and supporting their mission because they support all of us. They support us in our greatest need and help to define humanity at its best. We help nonprofits be heard and taken seriously by those who have the funding to make an impact on who we are as a community. We also help nonprofits develop the processes they need to be responsible stewards of every investment they receive. - Julie Assel

For me writing grants is not about asking for money; it is about having a vision for a program that needs the support of different organizations in order to make a difference in the community, state, country, and even in the world. Being able to be part of that vision is extremely fulfilling; it gives me an immense comfort knowing that there are non-profits who are trying their very best even with limited resources to be the voice for the poor and the needy. My goal is to help non-profits reach their potential as I help guide them and be part of their team from start to finish and help them sustain their programs. As a grants professional, I am fortunate that this field chose me instead of me choosing grants because it is such a rewarding career.  - Jasmine Markanday