The Assel Grant Services team is comprised of nine grant professionals. Of these individuals, we have three staff members dedicated to meeting the grant development needs of your PK-12 school and/or district. Two of the three team members are Grant Professional Certified (GPCs) by the Grant Professional Certification Institute. As individuals, and as a team, we are well-networked with other grant development, management, and evaluation experts which ensure your organization receives strategic and holistic grant development services.

Your Mission is Our Passion.

Schools today provide so much more than just a fact-based education.  They are places of deep meaningful experiences, social-emotional education, support for families, and personal discovery.  Writing grants for schools allows me to help schools bring extra support for those who come to school with less. As a former educator, I look forward to helping schools inspire, facilitate, support, and educate every day. -Julie Assel, Director of PK-12 Education Engagement

I have had the pleasure of writing grants for the benefit of preK-12 education throughout my career in development. Researching the incredible needs that exist within this age group can be heart wrenching, but learning about the solutions and helping to raise the dollars to make those solutions possible is exhilarating.  There are so many people and organizations working tirelessly to make sure that children who are hungry at school are fed, that children without books at home learn to read, that kids that don’t have a parent at home that can help them with their homework are exposed to enrichment.  I am blessed to be able to play a role in helping children experience better outcomes than they would have otherwise. -Julie Alsup

Working for Assel Consulting allows me to connect my greatest passion – education – with agencies who work to make the world a better place. I firmly believe that every child should be afforded the right to a healthy childhood, a fair and equal education, and a strong network of support that navigates and guides that child's future. Here at Assel Consulting, we get to focus on solutions, not just problems and barriers. We listen. We learn. We work hard. We serve. We give hope. We inspire. We get to see the incredible impact we make on the lives of others. "Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world" – Nelson Mandela. Working at Assel Consulting, I get to see the world I imagine as I go to sleep at night. - Roxanne Jensen