The Assel Grant Services team is comprised of nine grant professionals dedicated to meeting the grant development and management needs of your organization. Of these individuals, we have four staff members with expertise in grant development for institutions of higher education. Two team members are Grant Professional Certified (GPCs) by the Grant Professional Certification Institute. We are well-networked with program officers, grant making agencies, and other grant development, management, and evaluation experts to ensure your college or university receives strategic and holistic grantsmanship services.

Your Mission is Our Passion.

Institutions of higher education are engines of innovation, supporters of evidence-based community programs, and educators of the next generation as students come to understand themselves, their dreams, and the impact they can have on the world. I enjoy writing grants for community colleges and universities as they train our nation’s workforce. -Julie Assel, Director of Higher Education Engagement


My career in development has included working for nonprofit organizations and higher education.  I have had the pleasure of learning about, and securing funds for, many diverse initiatives that community colleges, colleges, and universities undertake in order to help their students be successful and to make the community, and the world, a better place. -Julie Alsup

“Working in Higher Education affords me the opportunity to constantly challenge myself and learn new things. With any given university, not only do I learn about the various academic disciplines, but I learn about new and emerging strategies for promoting student success.” -Whitney Gray, MA

Being a part of higher education team gives me the ability to gain expertise in my favorite world of numbers and compliance. It is the most beautiful thing to watch when your financial system matches the SF-424A form. I strive to help organizations stay compliant and assist them in being successful even after the grant funds run out. -Jasmine Markanday